Complete Mix is a carefully balanced, preservative free ‘muesli’ to mix with fresh meat. Developed by a leading holisitc veterinarian, it replicates the natural diet wild dogs and cats have thrived on for millions of years. Complete Mix contains all the essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals your cat or dog needs to live a happy, healthy life.

Why a Complete Raw Diet?

Dogs and cats are not designed or equipped to properly digest and absorb cooked food, as we humans are. Feeding cooked food can lead to health problems including digestion, skin, and skeletal issues. A truly natural balanced diet consists of vegetable matter, raw muscle meat, organs and raw bones, just what wild dogs and cats have existed on for millions of years. Complete Mix mimics the gut content of a prey animal and provides all the vegetable matter your dog or cat needs, just add raw meat! Some health benefits include:

Natural Balanced Ingredients

We have has carefully selected natural, highest quality, raw, preservative free ingredients to match Mother Nature’s needs. All ingredients are dried to prevent any thermal damage to proteins, vitamins and enzymes. Here are just some of these ingredients below, for a full list see the individual products at the bottom of the page

Parsley & Barley Grass

– High level of vitamins, minerals and trace elements
– High levels of antioxidants
– Calcium Carbonate strengthens and protects bone development and maintenance
– Improves nutrient absorption


– Rich source of iodine for normal thyroid gland function
– Provides energy, stamina and reproductive ability
– High levels of magnesium, vitamins B Complex, D, E & K


– Omega 3 encourages healthy skin and coat
– Anti-inflammatory properties assist joint support
– Rich in Omega 3 and 6
– Support brain growth and function


– Provides power and vigour in the brain
– Cleanses kidneys and liver
– Breaks down cholesterol and fats
– Increases immunity against viral infection

Vitamin C

– Powerful antioxidant and assists in fighting bacteria
– Assists immune system to withstand stress
– Aids in the repair of skin, tendons, ligaments and bones


– High fibre for healthy digestion and bowel
– Vitamin A supports healthy eyes, skin and coat
– Concentration of beta-carotene for immunity
– Low calories supports weight control


Vets All Natural receives 100’s of testimonials each year. We are proud and delighted that through our formulations we can improve the health and longevity of much loved dogs and cats.

"Hi the Vets All Natural Team, my dogs have been on the Vets All Natural Sensitive Skin Complete Mix since October and I am excited to say that my dog Holly, who has been suffering from itchy skin for four years, has dramatically improved since I changed her diet to this. I’ve even been able to take her off her allergy vaccine which she has been receiving for the last two years! Thank you for providing such a great diet for dogs, I feel comfortable knowing this is the healthiest food for my dogs and I’m happy to have her off the vaccine!"

Lauren H - Dog lover

“Since starting to use VAN products years ago, I have never had such happy, healthy babies and best of all, they NEVER get bored with their food!!! Your products are great and I recommend them to everyone.”

Susan D - Breeder, Memrabull Bull Mastiffs

"I am a registered breeder of Dalmatians and have exclusively fed Vet’s All Natural Sensitive, Adult and Puppy formulas since August 2010. My dogs' coats are amazing, as is their health. Feeding a completely natural, raw diet has eliminated any health issues to do with diet and I couldn’t be happier. I totally recommend feeding Vet’s All Natural."

Toni - Breeder, Lotzadotz Dalmatians

"We have been feeding our Ragdoll kitten Complete Mix from the first day we brought him home. Alfie loves his food and he is in fantastic condition. We couldn’t be happier, and neither could he"

Alfie. Mark H - Cat lover

“Our Clinic is focused on musculo-skeletal health of canines - prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. There is a role for this diet in every case we see. We recommend Vets All Natural Complete Mix to all of our clients. It fits beautifully with our philosophy of raw natural diets for dogs whenever possible”

Dr David Battle – Coastal Chiro Vet, Sunshine Coast

“We stock Vets All Natural's products and are delighted with the results. Dogs certainly thrive on it and maintain great body and coat condition. Many animals with chronic skin diseases have improved”

Dr Carl von Schreiber BVSc – Bermagui Veterinary Clinic


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