Many common illnesses and in dogs and cats can be resolved by feeding a natural, raw diet. In some cases however, for example with older pets, pets who’ve recently suffered an injury or illness or pregnant pets, an extra boost of vitamins and minerals can help improve health and recovery. We’ve designed a range of powders, chews and oils using natural ingredients to help meet these needs.


A range of powders to be mixed with meals to improve joints and bones, skin irritation and general health


A range of delicious chews targeted to help improve digestion, joints and bones, skin irritation, growth and development


Our Flax Seed and Omega Blend Oils are designed to assist with skin irritations and improve coat quality

Conditions our Supplements Can Help

Our supplements support a number of common ailments among dogs and cats including digestion, skin, and skeletal issues.

Natural Balanced Ingredients

We have carefully selected natural, highest quality, preservative free ingredients to match Mother Nature’s needs. Here are just some of these ingredients below, for a full list see the individual products at the bottom of the page


Vitamins A through E help maintain everything from teeth and gums through to joints and eyes and everything in between.

Minerals & Trace Elements

Trace minerals like Zinc, Boron, Chromium and Selenium are essential for everything the function of the whole immune system to cellular reproduction and brain function.


Antioxidants like Vitamin C and E and Zinc help protect cells from damage

Omega Oils

Omega 3 & 6 encourage healthy skin and coats, contain anti-inflammatory properties to assist joint support and support brain growth and function


Prebiotics promote good gut bacteria for healthy digestion and immune system


Antioxidants like Vitamin C and E and Zinc help protect cells from damage


Vets All Natural receives 100’s of testimonials each year. We are proud and delighted that through our formulations we can improve the health and longevity of much loved dogs and cats.

“Millie, my 13 year old Chihuahua X had terrible skin and was itching and biting her paws. For the past 4 months she has been on Kangaroo meat, Complete Mix, Skin and Coat Formula and fish oil. Her immune system must be improving – she also doesn’t smell as musty. She itches and bites 50% less and is able to lie still for some time now. Many thanks for your products and advice on diet generally, I am recommending it all to other caretakers where I can. It’s a great relief for us also”

Neil Adams

“The combination of the diet change, supplements and skin powder has done wonders”. After the “6 week check up there was no sign of the mange….his appetite has increased dramatically. Obi is fantastic. Thanks again for your help.”

Melonie CreekMelonie’s dog Obi had Demodex Mange.

“Our 2 year old Maltese/Poodle cross started losing hair around his back legs and his anal area…I went out and purchased some Premium Choice, Omega Oil Blend…and started him on the new diet. Let me say, he is a different dog altogether, the allergy has gone, his breath is better, he has more energy, his tear stains have dissapeared and his coat is remarkable.”

Mike CrawfordRelieved dog owner


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