Allergies are basically an “inappropriate” or “over-zealous” reaction of an animals’ (or persons) immune system. Genetics certainly play a role in pre-disposing a dog or cat to developing allergies, but environment and nutrition will ultimately decide to what degree the allergy is expressed. One unfortunate reality of allergies is that despite all the advances in modern medicine, allergies are still a “chronic” disease – the best we can hope to do is “control” the expression of an allergy, and limit the use of drugs required to do so.

Read our full article on a new approach to treating skin allergies here and check out our Skin Support Protocol – a recommended 6-8 week diet change for treating skin allergies.

NEW Complete Mix Sensitive Skin

There is a huge allergy problem within the dog and cat community and in most cases it is caused by diet. We have scientifically formulated this new Complete Mix Sensitive Skin variety with completely natural ingredients. It targets the cause of skin problems, not the symptoms.  It contains probiotics for healthy digestion, anti-oxidants for a healthy immune system and Omega 3 for healthy skin and a shiny coat. This product should be mixed with Kangaroo or Tripe and used in conjunction with Omega Blend Oils and Skin & Coat Formula for really bad skin allergy problems

Recent Testimonials

“Millie, my 13 year old Chihuahua X  had terrible skin and was itching and biting her paws. For the past 4 months she has been on Kangaroo meat, Complete Mix, Skin and Coat Formula and fish oil. Her immune system must be improving – she also doesn’t smell as musty.
She itches and bites 50% less and is able to lie still for some time now. Many thanks for your products and advice on diet generally, I am recommending it all to other caretakers where I can. It’s a great relief for us also”

-Neil Adams





The vet’s case notes

I am very confident that Neil will continue to see improvement for many months to come. Some bad allergies can take 6-12 months to fully “normalize”.
Omega Blend Oil would have a similar or better effect than the fish oil.
It is preferable that Kangaroo meat is Preservative Free
Neil also fed rabbit, beef mince, MSM/chondroitin, Allerblend and acidophilus, however the diet and supplements in the testimonial above will have the most impact.
Feeding Kangaroo meat only is ideal.

Vets All Natural Products


Dr. Carl von Schrieber BVSc – Bermagul Veterinary Clinic

“We stock Vet’s All Natural’s products and are delighted with the results. Dogs certainly thrive on it….and maintain great body and coat condition. Many animals with chronic skin diseases have improved.”

Mike Crawford – Relieved dog owner

“Our 2 year old Maltese/Poodle cross started losing hair around his back legs and his anal area…I went out and purchased some Premium Choice, Omega Oil Blend…and started him on the new diet. Let me say, he is a different dog altogether, the allergy has gone, his breath is better, he has more energy, his tear stains have disappeared and his coat is remarkable.”

Nathalie – Dog breeder

“I had been desperate to find a food that didn’t cause itchy red skin in my show dog. I tried all the ‘usual’ allergy/sensitive diets. Eventually, i tried Vet’s All Natural Premium Choice and Flax Seed Oil. Within a week, he was a different dog. His skin settled right down, he put on a lot of muscle and his coat looks great….he’s back in the show ring”

Melonie Creek – Melonie’s dog Obi had Demodex Mange.

“The combination of the diet change, supplements and skin powder has done wonders”. After the “6 week check up there was no sign of the mange….his appetite has increased dramatically. Obi is fantastic. Thanks again for your help.”

Michelle Reisenweber – Tennyson, Qld

“My 8 year old Labrador Gus had another ear infection, a fungal foot infection and was overweight….[our vet] found kidney problems and his gut was very raw. I started Gus on “Complete Mix” and raw meat and he started dropping weight and becoming more lively. We had no flare ups of his allergies and no more trips back to the vet….THANK YOU SO MUCH, you have saved our beloved Gus.”

Rachelle – Ballina Vet Clinic Owner

“With the humid climate we have here, skin issues are one of our main concerns and we find the Vets All Natural makes a huge difference…..we now have most of our clientele using your product and [they use our products] very happily.”

Rikki – New Puppy Owner

“We brought home two pups and looked closely at diets. Dasha had dry flaky skin and a dull coat. After two weeks of using [complete mix] with raw meat her skin and coat was healthy and shiny.

Both pups are full of energy and don’t suffer from mouth or body odour. The vet is very impressed with their overall health……SO ARE WE!”

Bernadette – Relieved Pet Owner

“My wife and I have a Weimaraner “Willow”, she is 20 months old…….she was hot, very pink skin & mucosal tissues, urticaria++ all over her body between her toes, hair loss, [and] extremely uncomfortable.

All her allergies appear to have cleared up; she has had not one incident of urticaria, skin problem, pinkness, hair loss etc. since being on [Vets All Natural] diet continuously. She is much happier in herself”