Pet Supplements – Skin Support chews

A blend of Eastern and Western herbs, and a prebiotic in a beef liver chew. Supports healthy skin and the immune system. Suitable for dogs of all life stages.

• Kangaroo • Liver • Prebiotic • Flax meal
• Colostrum • Grape seed • Astragalus • Whole herbs

Size: 270g

More About The Product

Prebiotics support healthy immune system & digestion
Omega 3 & 6 for skin & coat health & shine
Antioxidants support cellular health
B2 & B6 vitamins support healthy skin
Vitamin C supports collagen and skin condition
Zinc maintains the integrity of skin
Niacin assists skin vitality


Kangaroo meat, liver, prebiotic, milk thistle, flax seed, Omega 3 powder, grape seed, barley grass, astragalus, perilla seed, vitamin C, quercetin, beta carotene, ginger, green tea, colostrum, cat’s claw, zinc. (Product contains whole herb ingredients)

Suggested Offering (for 3 varieties)
Dog Weight: Up to 5kg 6 – 25kg Over 25kg
Daily: ½ to 1 chew 1 to 2 chews 2 to 4 chews

Typical analysis

Nutrient Analysis
Protein 15.0%
Moisture 16.7%
Fat – total 4.9%
Ash 18.8%