Complete Mix for Cats

Formulated for cats of all life stages.

Complete Mix is a carefully balanced ‘muesli’ of natural foods which mimics the gut content of a prey animal. When feeding with fresh meat and organs, Complete Mix makes the diet more balanced.

All ingredients are preservative free and have been dried to prevent any thermal damage to proteins,
vitamins and enzymes.

Added taurine to support eye and renal health.

For best results, soak the Complete Mix in room temperature water for 24 hours. For immediate use, add warm tap water, soak for a minute, stir and serve. The Complete Mix and meat combination can be pre-made and refrigerated for four to five days, or frozen for up to six months.

Sizes: 1kg and 5kg

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I have been using Vets All Natural Cat Complete Mix for about six years now and I can’t be happier. I had a cat from the RSPCA that I rescued who couldn’t keep anything down, not even science diet, and Vets All Natural kept her alive well beyond her time.

I now have two Tonkinese who have never had anything but the Cat Complete Mix and they are both flourishing on it…..Thank you for inventing such a fantastic product

— Nicola
Relieved Pet Owner

More About The Product

Complete Mix for Cats and Kittens: Cats and kittens love our special cat and kitten variety.

Compared with dogs, cats are generally uniform in size and therefore dietary requirements vary little. The growth rate and requirements of kittens and adult cats are very similar. There is one cat formula for all ages.

The formula is high in nutrient supplements to balance the small amounts used per meal.

Available in 1kg and 5kg bags.


Rolled oats, cracked barley, flax seed meal, carrots, split peas, calcium carbonate, parsley, kelp, lecithin, barley grass, Vitamin C and dried garlic

Typical analysis

Assuming Complete Mix is soaked and mixed with the suggested quantities of raw kangaroo meat

Nutrient Analysis
Protein 17.4%
Fat 3.6%
Carbohydrate 6.1%
Fibre 0.5%
Ash 1.4%
Calcium (mg/kg) 2,300
Phosphorus (mg/kg) 2,200
Linoleic a (mg/kg) 4,190
Linolenic a (mg/kg) 1,660
Taurine (mg/kg) 326


Daily feeding guide

Feed to target weight. This feeding guide should be used as a guide only – the amount of food your cat needs will vary with activity levels, breed, lifestage and gender. Monitor their body condition score and increase or decrease their food accordingly.


Body weight Complete Mix Fresh water Fresh meat
0-1 kg kitten 20g 20ml 140g
2 kg kitten 30g 30ml 190g
3 kg kitten 35g 35ml 250g
4 kg adult cat 35g 35ml 180g
5 kg adult cat 45g 45ml 200g
6 kg adult cat 50g 50ml 230g
4 kg senior cat 50g 72ml 150g
5 kg senior cat 55g 55ml 160g
6 kg weight loss diet 85g 85ml 170g
7 kg weight loss diet 95g 95ml 180g

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