HealthChews Joint Support

This natural supplement assists in maintaining healthy bones and joints. It is ideal for supporting dogs that are active, large breed, older or recovering from injury.

• Kangaroo • Liver • Calcium • Dolimite
• Ginger • Copper • Flax meal • Whole herbs

More About The Product

Calcium assists normal growth and maintenance of healthy bones
Boron to maintain bone density
Zinc promotes healthy cartilage development
Vitamin C helps to maintain healthy cartilage, tendons & bones
Manganese supports bone development
Phosphorous to support muscles, bones & teeth
Sulphur assists to maintain healthy joints

Typical average analysis (g/100g)
Protein 16.4
Moisture 15.4
Fat-Total 4.7
Ash 27.4

Suggested Offering (for 3 varieties)
Dog Weight: Up to 5kg 6 – 25kg Over 25kg
Daily: ½ to 1 chew 1 to 2 chews 2 to 4 chews

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