Health Chew Training Treat

500 mini omega3 boosted liver training treat to reward growing pups and adult dogs with a quality treat packed with Omega 3, vitamins, minerals & antioxidants for optimum growth and health.

Net: 275g

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More About The Product

Typical average analysis (g/100g)
Protein 20.0
Moisture 18.1
Fat-Total 6.4
Ash 15.4

· Liver
· dolomite,
· omega 3,
· flax seed
· prebiotic,
· kelp granules,
· lecithin granules,
· parsley powder,
· barley grass powder,
· milk thistle,
· grape seed,
· ginger,
· green tea,
· wheat germ,
· vitamin C,
· garlic powder,
· colostrum powder,
· zinc
· chelate
· boron chelate.

Avg. nutritional breakdown (mg or IU/kg):
Calcium 3,100
Vitamin A 25 IU
Vitamin E 6.25 IU
Zinc 130
Boron 18.25
Vitamin B1 0.98
Vitamin B2 1.68
Vitamin D 50 IU
Magnesium 1,400
Vitamin C 1250
Selenium 0.07

Suggested Mini Treats Daily Offering
Adult Max 60 (Dogs over 10kg)
Puppy Max 30 (Up to 10kg)

Store below 30°C in dry location out of direct sunlight.
Tighten lid after use.

Download PDF – Clicker Training Instruction Sheet

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