You can maximise your pet’s health and longevity simply by giving it the correct diet and adequate exercise. They deserve to be fed the healthiest diet possible, a diet that will not cause long-term problems such as obesity, arthritis, allergies, rotten teeth and gums, diabetes, kidney failure and other problems.

In order to get your pet eating healthy and fit, a balanced lifestyle of exercise and natural foods will bring out the best in your pet. Vet’s All Natural provides a healthy range of products that assist in the loss of weight and increase the general well-being of your pet.

Product Testimonials

Dr Carl von Schriber BVSc – Bermagui Veterinary Clinic

“We stock Vet’s All Natural’s products and are delighted with the results. Dogs and cats certainly thrive on it, have lots of energy, and maintain great body and coat condition”

“The Weight Loss diet is very effective, giving many overweight dogs a new lease of life. Many animals with chronic skin diseases have improved”

“One dog’s chronic cough disappears completely whilst on the diet, but returns with any commercial food”

Julie – Happy pet owner

“I have recently purchased your complete mix dog weight loss product for my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who put on weight due to pinching my other dogs treats. Well let me say 3 weeks ago Mickey weighed in at 11.2kg and when he went to the vets today he was 9kg, absolutely amazing because in that 3 week period he had only had this complete mix…..I just had to say thank you for a fantastic product, it really does work”

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