Does your dog need a multivitamin boost?

Vitamins are an important part of your pet’s diet to ensure their bodies maintain normal functions, such as digestion, muscle growth and a healthy immune system. Many of us have probably used multivitamins at one point or another when unwell or in need of an extra boost of nutrients, and the same should go for our pets.

Is your dog getting all the vitamins they need from their diet?

At Vets All Natural we believe in natural, holistic solutions to promote good health and the foundation for this is a nutritious diet. A well‐designed diet of balanced fresh meat, vegetable matter and raw bones can provide all the available macro and micronutrients necessary for perfect health. When the body gets just what it needs -in the correct ratios and in the correct form, it thrives – stimulating and strengthening the immune system while maintaining health and vitality in your pet.

It’s important firstly therefore to check whether your dog is getting all the vitamins they need in their diet. If you are feeding a homemade diet you can use online calculators like this. Our Complete Mix, when mixed with fresh meat, is a simple way to prepare a homemade meal that contains everything dogs need to thrive.

When is a multivitamin supplement necessary for your dog?

Pets that are fed a balanced diet are unlikely to need any additional supplements as they receive as they correct amount of vitamins and minerals in their food. However in some special circumstances a multivitamin supplement may be necessary such as…

  • pregnant or lactating bitches
  • dogs recovering from illness or surgery
  • those fed a cooked or highly processed commercial diet
  • growing puppies
  • senior pets

What to look for in a multivitamin for dogs

A good quality multivitamin should include the correct ratio of at least 8 essential vitamins and minerals. Our Vet’s All Natural HealthChew Multivitamin and Health Booster products include vitamins A, B1, B2 C, D and E plus zinc, magnesium, calcium, boron and selenium.

Be sure to choose a multivitamin supplement with naturally derived ingredients (for effective absorption) and with high palatability so that your pet will take it without a fuss.

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