Kidney disease & raw meat diet

Renal failure is kidney disease, very common in cats and can affect dogs at all life stages however older dogs are a higher percentage of sufferers.  In recent times more attention has been placed on the role of higher moisture content diets. Raw meat is an excellent base for kidney health. Raw meats are high in moisture and can replace the lost protein in a dogs urine along with water soluble electrolytes and vitamins. A raw meat diet of 60%-80% raw meat protein and a combination of cereal/vegetable and vitamin/mineral and trace elements creates a highly effective diet for managing early stage kidney disease.

Monitoring urine protein/creatinine (UPC) levels is a very useful progression tool, as are regular blood tests for BUN (urea levels) and Creatinine and Phosphate. As long as the UPC ratio is less than 3, there is no need to restrict protein. If Phosphate levels begin to rise above the normal range, then phosphate binders like aluminium hydroxide can be used to bind and eliminate excess phosphate. We would recommend blood and urine tests every 3 months with pets that are undergoing any stage of renal failure.

Keep multiple sources of fresh water available in several rooms in the house and in the garden.

Additionally, supplement the diet with Vets All Natural Health Booster powder (which has all the B and C vitamins, plus trace minerals and anti-oxidants).


Always consult your vet for advice and medications that can assist your pet when suffering kidney disease.

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