Inflammatory / Irritable Bowel Disease in Dogs and Cats

This condition is the result of a chronic allergy / irritation at the level of the gut lining. Long term over-stimulation of the immune system by antigenic food proteins or pathogenic organisms in the gut cause thickening of the bowel lining, congestion of the local lymph nodes, and accelerated gut passage time (chronic diarrhoea). This in turn leads to poor digestion and absorption, malnutrition, and loss of normal gut flora.

Treatment involves a strict raw food diet, with minimal ingredients, using protein and carbohydrate sources that the dog has not eaten before (ie raw kangaroo, Vets All Natural Complete Mix). Supplements recommended include probiotics (eg. Protexin) to repopulate the gut, shark cartilage powder to repair the gut lining, digestive enzyme supplements (Enzyplex) and immune modulating herbs. Vets All Natural Skin & Coat Formula contains Protexin and Eastern and Western herbs like milk thistle, astragalus, quercetin and zinc which will assist in building the immune system. The powder can be added to meals, or for further convenience, it is available pre-mixed in Vets All Natural Complete Mix Sensitive Skin.

A strict minimal diet must be maintained for 6-8 weeks, until digestion is normalised. After this time, new ingredients in the diet can be added one at a time. Avoid all dairy products, and wheat based products. Avoid chicken and beef.

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