How is your new year resolution taking shape?

The new year has rolled on.  This weekend we celebrate Australia Day, January 26th and it’s a swift reminder that the month is coming to close.

How is your new year resolution taking shape?
Has it changed?

We know for many of our customers, their dog’s health and welfare was a priority for 2020 and we’re here to do our best to support that mission. Your pets’ diet is a one way to ensure your dog is as healthy as possible.  At vetsallnatural we always advocated a raw meat protein diet supported by additives to ensure the necessary vitamins and minerals are included. There are many other things we can do for our pets.  Here’s a few ideas for the long weekend.


Grooming is important, more so in the warmer months. Frequent brushing will help relax your dog whilst assisting with irritation from shedding.  Whilst giving your best friend a nice brush, take the opportunity to check for fleas and ticks. Before you bath your dog, comb or cut out any mats from the coat. Use lukewarm water and wet your pet all over. Gently massage in shampoo, work from head to the tail. Ensure that your rinse all soap from the coat.  Dirt can stick to the soap residue. Dry your dog thoroughly with a good rub from a large towel.

Where they rest

Your dog needs a warm and quiet place to rest and sleep.  A dog bed is ideal ensuing it has a clean blanket and maybe a pillow.  Wash your dogs’ bed often.  When your dog spends allot of time outside; ensure your pets bed is under the shade with plenty of cool water in hot weather and covered shelter in the cooler months.


Your dog needs to burn calories.  A regular walk or time at the park will help burn the excess and stimulate their minds.  How much exercise varies between breed, breed mix, sex, age and health status.  Regular exercise is a boredom buster and couple of supervised games can satisfy your pets instinctive urges to dig, chew or chase.


Never give your pet medication that has not been prescribed by your veterinarian.  If you suspect your pet has ingested a poison take him/her to the vet immediately.

Love is never enough.  Stay vigilant with your pet, watch for any changes in behaviour, energy levels, sores or discomfort and always seek your vets advice.

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