Has your pet put on a few extra kilos?

Overweight or obesity in pets, particularly dogs is the number one issue affecting their life expectancy and quality of life. It’s time to take stock of your pet’s weight.  Over Christmas and into the new year, like us, our pets are likely to have added extra weight due to any number of reasons, change to routine being one of the less obvious. Lack of normal exercise, over treating, over scrapping and being a little spoilt during the festive season all add to the extra kilos. With the school holidays ending this week and most of us back to work and back to our normal routines now is the time to get our pets back into their regularity and familiarity and help them shed the holiday plump.

Here are two things you can do:


Great for your dog, not as necessary for your cat, great for you.  We’ve been advocating the health benefits of regular and consistent exercise for your dog and how exercise is just as critical for you.  Depending on your dogs age, size, energy level and any other alignments, regular walks combined with diet will make a superior difference to your dogs’ health.  It is advised to seek your vet’s advice.  In consultation with your vet, ascertain your dogs’ ideal weight, understand any restrictions and map out an exercise regime to help the pet reach a level of positive weight and fitness. You need to make the time.  If you can’t most suburbs and towns have dog walkers who can do the roadwork for you.


We all know its time to get back on the healthy eating wagon after an extended period of “anything goes”. Same applies to our pets.
Limit your pets food and establish a regular feeding time.  Half in the morning, half in the evening or preferably one meal a day, offered in the morning.  A morning feeding allows your pet time for exercise and daily activities to work off calories.
A natural raw meat protein diet ensures your dog or cat is eating a diet, lower in calories and generally lower in fats than commercially manufactured pet foods.
Ensure your pet has access to ample clean, cool water throughout the day.

Committing too these two disciplines of exercise and diet will go along way to securing the health of your pet, shedding the unwanted kilos and reducing the risk of disease associated with obesity.

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