Hallelujah its boxing day.

Hallelujah its boxing day.

Arguably the best day of the year. Cricket on the tele, for the yachties the Sydney to Hobart kicks off, boxing day sales are on for those who love a bargain. Yesterdays mayhem a distant memory.  Our pets have had a wild day, people coming and going or perhaps they spent the day alone as we hither and tither to family spread throughout.

Today we decompress.  Take a breath, return to our comfortable equilibrium.  The same for our pets.  They look at you, returning to your identifiable self.  They are emotion creatures and there’s no doubt they feel our moods.  Yesterday is forgivable for our pet not being the centre of our worlds and we missed them.  Today we can regroup, reconnect with our furry friends, spoil them and get back to living in the moment, something they do so well.

As the fog of yesterday clears, we brush away the invisible spider web and see again what is right in front us. Our loyal, caring and always smiling pets.

Have a wonderful boxing day we’ll catch you in the new year.



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