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40 million years ago the earliest prehistoric dogs and cats began evolving on planet earth. For the next 39.9 million years they roamed the planet as wild beasts, catching prey, scavenging, hunting as packs and evolving into their modern counterparts. Man and dog first formed a friendship back in the cave man era, forged by a symbiotic relationship of combined hunting skills, early warning of danger, protection, companionship, and the cleaning up of all man’s food scraps and waste. “Man’s best friend” has continued to provide this service throughout the history of mankind; his role as hunter, pest controller, scavenger and waste disposal provided the dog (and cat) with its natural diet of raw meats and scraps. It was not until just over 30 years ago in Australia that the first commercial cooked dog and cat foods were released onto the market….and with that, began the slow and insidious decline in health of modern day dogs and cats. The average veterinarian today spends more than half his or her working day treating the epidemic of skin diseases, allergies, arthritis, teeth and gum problems, ear infections, anal gland impactions, urinary tract diseases and a huge range of degenerative diseases and cancers previously only thought to occur in man.

It is this background of information that lead Australian veterinarian Dr Bruce Syme to begin searching for a solution to this health crisis that did not depend on the continuous use of drugs like cortisone and antibiotics (and the need for more drugs to counter the side effects of the original treatments). “ It was simply out of frustration, as a Vet, that lead me to look for a better answer to these problems. I was embarrassed every time my clients came back for more consultations and more drugs for the same old problems….itchy skin, ear infections, arthritis, etc..” And the simple answer to all these problems…NUTRITION.

Dr Syme, along with a growing body of vets, breeders, and every day dog and cat owners, and a wealth of scientific evidence, believes that it is the practice of feeding cooked and processed pet foods, especially cooked meat products, that has resulted in the dramatic decline in health of modern dogs and cats.

“Cooking food does a lot more than just destroy vitamins” he says, “it destroys essential fatty acids, denatures proteins and enzymes, damages minerals and micronutrients, and severely decreases the nutritional content of any food source. It can actually produce carcinogenic elements if the cooking temperature is hot enough “. In reverse, the feeding of a natural, raw food diet, consisting of raw meats, whole grains, vegetables, fruits and other supplements, can prevent, and actually “cure” many of the common health complaints mentioned above.

Dr Syme has developed a range of natural, raw foods and food supplements that are designed to provide a diet that mimics “Mother Nature’s” recipe. The Vets All Natural range is the result of years of trials, research and investigation. The cornerstone product, Complete Mix, is a combination of air dried cereal grains, mixed vegetables, garlic, yeast, kelp, lecithin, calcium and vitamin C. It is designed to combine with good quality raw meat to produce a completely natural, preservative and additive free, scientifically balanced, raw food diet.

For a ready to serve option, a range of RAW76 and Healthrolls, which contain meat and key elements of Vets All Natural Complete Mix are available from the refrigerated section of your favourite pet retailer. Dr Bruce has balanced the ingredients is each variety to meet the needs of different life stages or conditions.

All Healthrolls and RAW76 varieties contain a combination of premium ingredients, including kangaroo meat combined with sprouted mixed cereal grains, vegetables, barley grass, garlic, parsley, calcium, yeast, kelp, lecithin and vitamin C. All meat has been inspected and approved for consumption. Kangaroo is a lean, free range, nutritionally superior meat to farmed beef, chicken, or lamb.

Dr Bruce Syme BVSc (Hons), Founder of Vets All Natural.

Dr Bruce Syme is a practicing vet and expert in natural pet nutrition, has spoken at the Australian Veterinary Association Annual Conference, and provides regular comment on TV and Radio.

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