New Puppy Tips

I tackle the big question that springs to mind when first acquiring your puppy: “What do I do next?” This video details the various essential practices necessary to keep your…

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Feeding Bones to Dogs

Should you feed bones? What about cooked bones? I answer some of the questions dog owners have when treating their dogs to bones.

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Dog Allergy Solutions

What do you do when your dog has a skin condition or allergy? This video gives some helpful advice on what to do when your dog shows signs of a…

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Jumping Dog

Does your dog jump on people? In this video we cover some of the common remedies for making sure your pet stays well-behaved and keeps his paws on the ground.

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How to Stop Your Dog Barking

Do you have a dog that never stops barking? Are the neighbours going insane because of it? In this video we talk about several easy ways you can train your…

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House Training

House training is one of the most common questions at the vet, and this video talks about some ways to get your puppy/dog to be house-trained.

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