Natural Diet Choices

Natural Puppy Nutrition

Introduction If we could go back in time to the very first day man befriended the dog, I’m sure we would find it all started with a puppy. Puppies are...
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Natural Cat Nutrition

Natural Nutrition for Cats The Cat family (felids) has evolved closely alongside their canine counterparts, but has developed their own unique dietary requirements as a result of their own unique...
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AVA Nutrition Talk

Pet Food In The Convenience Era An overview of small animal nutrition trends with particular reference to the argument against cooked commercial pet foods versus raw food diets. The History...
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Evolved on Raw Food

The background behind Vets All Natural “SOMETIMES A RAW DEAL IS THE BEST DEAL” 40 million years ago the earliest prehistoric dogs and cats began evolving on planet earth. For...
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Natural Nutrition for Dogs

A bit of science and a lot of common sense When I first began to seriously investigate nutrition for dogs and cats back in the early 1990’s, I noticed the...
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