Boron what is it and why is it important?

Boron is one of the micronutrients required for optimal bone health, a mineral essential to ensuring calcium binds to the structure of bones.  When your dog has a boron deficiency; over time calcium will begin to leach from the bone and is lost via urination. The result is a weakening of the bone leading to osteoporosis.

Due to complex environmental factors Australia is low in natural access to boron and considered boron deficient. As such Australian dogs have a higher level of lost bone density, osteoporosis, when compared with many of our international contemporaries.

Osteoporosis also carries arthritis along with abnormal calcium deposits causing bone spurs to grow outside the bone and on the joints. This is the classic “old age” arthritis we see in dogs.

To keep your dogs bones healthy and strong boron is only required in very small amounts. High doses of boron can be toxic. Dogs that have fresh raw meat in their diet with a good amount of raw bones, are highly likely to have a sufficient level of boron. Those that don’t have sufficient raw meat with raw bones or go for an extended period of time without the raw meat and bones due to travelling, illness or other circumstances will benefit from vet’sallnatural Joint Support Powder. The first and best pet joint supplement to contain an appropriate level of boron supplementation to help prevent or even reverse boron deficiency in dogs. Joint Support Powder supports the skeletal system, including bones, joints and cartilage. Included amounts of glucosamine, chondroitin, omega 3, ginger, vitamin C, sulphur and magnesium all excellent and essential elements for a healthy skeletal system.

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