Balanced Life was created using the powerful principles of raw pet food nutrition to offer pets an eating experience like that of their ancestors in the wild. By combining single meat proteins, organs and oils with natural fruits and vegetables, your dog and cat receives a savoury mix that boosts the immune system, promotes healthy digestion and increases their quality of life.

Our expertly created formula, developed in conjunction with respected Australian veterinarian and pet nutritionist Dr Bruce Syme, has been designed to provide a fully balanced, complete and natural raw food diet to help your four-legged friends be the healthiest and happiest they can be. By simply adding water to Balanced Life, the food offers the same fusion of moisture and sustenance that canine and feline digestive systems became accustomed to in the wild. This moist food promotes healthy digestion and increases beneficial probiotic growth in the gut.

Balanced Life is available in a variety of mouth-watering, single protein flavours that will have your dog or cat excited about their next meal. Completely gluten and grain-free, the food is especially advantageous to animals that have any intolerances or allergies to traditional pet food.

Premium Natural Ingredients

The Balanced Life range is high in meat content sourced from Australian farms and mixed with the perfect balance of superfoods, nutrients and minerals to give everything healthy dogs and cats need. The food and treats are grain and gluten-free and contain no nasty fillers like rice or corn.

Australian Fresh Meat


Superfood Ingredients


Nutritional Information

Balanced Life has been developed by Dr. Bruce Symes, BVSc (Hons) over many years studying pet nutrition as a practicising veterinarian and animal lover. Balanced Life has been designed to provide a fully balanced, complete and natural raw food diet to help your four-legged friends be the healthiest and happiest they can be.

Formulated to provide necessary nutrients for all dog breeds, from puppies to senior dogs.

Our recipe contains natural prebiotics to promote a healthy gut and immune system, and aid daily digestion. Barley grass, alfalfa, kelp, lentil, flax, and carrots also provide necessary dietary fibre.

Gluten contained in many grains can cause digestive problems and allergies in some pets which is why Balanced Life proudly contains no grain or gluten fillers.

A Paleo recipe for your pet’s daily nourishment that’s rich in protein and natural fatty acids, like the diet of their ancestors.

You won’t find unnecessary fillers like corn, wheat, soy or chemical dyes in Balanced Life, making it easily digestible.

A gentle air dried formula that locks in the delicious flavours dogs crave and minimises damage to the food’s proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Many skin allergy and digestive issues are avoided by feeding a meat protein that your pet is not sensitive to. Balanced Life is formed with one meat protein which means no risk of exposure to an allergy causing meat.

The Benefits of Air Dried Raw Food

Follow These 3 Simple Steps

Air dried raw food is a new method of locking in maxium nutrition in a dry food and is very simple to serve. Simply follow the 3 steps below.

Add Water

Add suggested amount of warm water to matching serving of Balanced Life


Mix Balanced Life and water thoroughly and allow to absorb for 2 to 3 minutes


Once the food is hydrated, serve Balanced Life to your four-legged friend!


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